Phil Budd, business growth specialist invites you to this FREE taster session for the next Business Growth Programme on:

Monday 29th March at 7pm








Over 20 businesses have already participated in the programme, with some experiencing growth of up to 80%

A member of my team will contact you to send you the taster session joining instructions and answer any questions you may have.

The only business growth programme in East Anglia during 2021 that GUARANTEES GROWTH or I pay you for attending the sessions.  It’s as simple as that!

 My personal guarantee is that if you have attended all the sessions over the 6 month period and completed all the actions during the programme, but your gross profit does not grow more than the amount you invested in the programme, I will refund your investment in the programme and pay you an additional £180 for the time you invested.

Phil Budd Business Coach East Anglia Growth

A personal message to you….

Micro businesses like yours that turnover less than £250,000 and employ less than 10 people, are the lifeblood of the British economy. Let’s be clear, there is nothing wrong with being called a micro business… in fact 95% of all businesses fall into this category!

Who am I talking about specifically? Your local independent retailer, marketing agency, bakers, restaurants, bars, tradesmen, recruitment agencies, landscapers and hairdressers… the businesses we love because they are independent…businesses like yours!

We all go into business with good intentions… to create more time for our family… to create a better lifestyle.. to earn more money…but the reality is often something quite different.

For many they are working 60+ hrs a week and the business they once loved, actually becomes something they start to resent.., ending up being worse off than when they were employed – no holiday and less pay!

The Business Growth Programme helps you start the journey to build a profitable, commercial enterprise that works without you.


Why is growing a business so difficult?

Take a moment to reflect on the following challenges I hear business owners from across the region talk about – See if you can relate to any of them:

  • Not enough time

  • Lack of cashflow

  • Not enough new customers coming through

  • Pressure to reduce your prices

  • Marketing feels like an expense and doesn’t generate any leads

  • Business relies on you

  • Constant firefighting of issues

Then when you throw COVID-19 into the mix.. it can feel as a business owner as though everything is stacked against you. Can you relate to this?

Whilst owning and growing a business may appear to be challenging – it need not be! What’s the answer? Allow me to show you how to structure a business for growth… the foundations you need established.. the basics that often get missed. This is what the growth programme is all about.

I would like to personally invite you to a FREE taster session. During this taster session I will talk you through the foundations you need for growth, I will cover how the 6-month growth programme will work, what growth you can expect to see from joining the programme and how that growth will be achieved.

This programme is designed to give you the support, education, materials, tools and accountability you need to help you move your business forward in 2020/21.

The taster session is your opportunity to see if the programme is what you need to kickstart growth in your business.

It’s time that the business worked for you!

50% Growth

Sean Coyne, Director of Apeiron UK Lawn Care talks about why he signed up to the Business Growth Programme and the impact this has had on his business. 

Since joining Phil Budd for the group coaching programme, Sean has enjoyed a host of marginal gains resulting in 50% growth for his business this year. He outlines the benefits of having a business coach and moving his business forward.

Overview of the taster session

The session will be held on Zoom and there will be plenty of opportunity to ask questions. There will be no more than 20 business owners on the taster session, to enable us to have a good open discussion and for you to get a true sense of how the programme sessions will be run.

You will leave with an understanding of the steps you need to take to grow your business, you will experience my style of coaching and by the end of the session you will be clear whether the programme is right for you.

No Pressure

At the end of the session you will not be asked to make a decision there and then. Only those serious about growing their businesses will be accepted onto the programme, therefore all attendees will be given 24hrs after the taster session, to reflect and think about it, before deciding to commit to the programme.

So, even if you only come to the taster session and do not join the programme.. you will have had 1 hr of FREE business education… nothing to lose right?

A member of my team will contact you to send you the taster session joining instructions and answer any questions you may have.



  • Structured working week to allow you to work ON the business and not just IN it
  • Default diary in place
  • Measured productivity


  • Understand the key numbers in a business, what they mean and what financial reports are needed (P&L, Balance sheet, Cashflow forecast)
  • Test & Measure of sales & marketing strategies being used – understand where leads are coming from and the number converted


  • Understand the current sales process & improve the conversion rate of leads
  • Ensure a consistent process for delivering service is in place to existing customers
  • Identify ways to upsell to existing customers
  • Introduce sales scripts
  • Put in place a referral scheme


  • A documented marketing plan that outlines how to sell more to existing customers and how to acquire new clients
  • Documented USPs that will make your business stand out from the rest
  • Marketing automation


  • Review all areas of your busines including, Finances & Sales & Marketing (Test & Measure results)
  • Areas where further marginal gains can be made
  • Put in place a 90 day plan with clear goals and actions to help move your business further forward


  • Process to recruit & develop a team 
  • Key performance Indicators for team members to maximise productivity
  • Setting expectations with staff
  • Holding staff to account


  • Routine tasks automated
  • Workflow manuals documented
  • Operational processes in place
  • Focus on improving efficiencies


  • Personal & Business goals for the next 3-5 years
  • Clear direction of where the business is going & what this means for you
  • Vision & mission
  • Culture & values


  • Review all the WINS over the last year
  • Financial review of the business
  • Awards & prizes presented to those that have had exceptional success
  • Review of the 6 steps where further gains can be made

Questions that you may have:

Are all the sessions online?

Yes all the sessions are held via zoom

Do I have to come to every session?

If you are committed to growing your business then you will make every session. I appreciate that sometimes there are unforeseen circumstances, in which case you can catch up by watching a recording of the session

What types of businesses will be in the programme?

Businesses from all sectors including hospitality, construction, recruitment, marketing, and retail. Having this variety allows you to take learnings from other business owners outside of your normal business network

Will I have the opportunity to network/meet others within the group?

Absolutely and this is encouraged. We have a Whatsapp group and facebook group for members of the programme.

The sessions themselves last for 1 hour and there will be two sessions per month. Outside of that, I recommend allocating a minimum of 2 hrs per week to work on the business. The more time you allocate to this, the more your business will grow.

How much homework is there?

At the end of each session we will agree the goals and actions you need to focus on. There will be no more than 3 goals for you to achieve before our next session. The homework will therefore be focussed and will not overwhelm.

What support do I get between sessions?

The Whatsapp group will allow you to post questions and comments. This gives the opportunity to get support from other programme members as well as from me your coach.

A member of my team will contact you to send you the taster session joining instructions and answer any questions you may have.


A member of my team will contact you to confirm the date of the first session and send you the joining information and workbook.